Why Do We Hate the Spurs?

Well if the Spurs are your team, try to understand what I’m writing, as the rest of the NBA fans probably think along these lines.

#1 reason: Tim Duncan. And we only don’t like him because he’s not on our team. Fans and analysts of the game often ask, “Who would you rather have on your team?” Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant are all front runners, but what we should be saying is #21 for the San Antonio Spurs. Since 1997 when Duncan first put on that Spurs jersey, that team has not had a losing season record.

Duncan has kissed the Larry O’Brien trophy four times, and won the Finals MVP twice. Even more amazing, he makes players like Matt Bonner, Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter good. I would’ve guessed those guys play for the Hornets.

#2 reason: Tony Parker. At first this guy couldn’t buy a 12-foot jump shot (during the Desperate Housewives time). But now Parker has serious swag with his mid range jump shots. He can split a defense and is a superb passer. He’s still underrated, or perhaps under appreciated, in the league among the likes of Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant. But if you ask, Parker has worked his way up there.

#3 reason: Manu Ginobli. So you’re team is up 2 points with 13 seconds left and Manu Ginobli hits a corner 3. Then Barkley yells out “GINNOBBBLIIIII!!!” It’s been Ginobli’s role on the Spurs to be a pesky defender and a clutch shooter. The amazing thing here is Ginobli has no problem coming off the bench all these years, as he quietly made a cool $14 million this season, $2.5 more than Tony Parker.

#4 reason: Efficiency. We are witnessing history as the Spurs continue to dominate the NBA. Some of us are too stupid to realize, but this has been the best professional sports organization almost ever as far as stats are concerned. Sure, the Spurs aren’t “Lob City” and the players don’t have any cool KIA endorsements. Let’s face it, the team looks boring as hell, but they can ball. And as long as Ginobli, Duncan, and Parker have been doing it, they could have the Charlotte Bobcats’ bench and still be in a position to with their fifth ring.

#5 reason: Have you ever been to a Spurs game? It’s in the middle of nowhere, you feel like you are going to get stabbed if you aren’t in silver and black, and there are mariachi bands everywhere. I even had a woman with an artificial larynx device threaten my life for wearing a Dirk Nowitzki jersey. The fans are crazy, probably because there’s nothing better to do in San Antonio.


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