Things I noticed during 2013 NBA playoffs

1. Tim Duncan is Tracy McGrady’s new best friend.

2. Manu Ginobli is past the hairline of no return.

3. Milwaukee who? The Eastern Conference reminds me of the NFL’s 2010 NFC West. Fail to reach .500- don’t worry about it…

4. If Marc Gasol played alongside Kobe they would have more than 2 rings together.

5. Indiana has a lot of white people.

6. Reggie Miller should get a “I ❤ MIAMI HEAT” tattoo on his forehead. He should also start to collect My Little Pony figurines.

7. Bennett Salvatore still sucks.

8. Am I the only one who can’t stand the attention Spike Lee gets at Knicks games? Watch his documentary on Kobe if you have trouble sleeping. Zzzzz….

9. The way Scott Brooks ran Kevin Durant was similar to Mike Brown’s coaching with LeBron back in 2007. ONE. MAN. SHOW. Here’s my advice since nobody wants it– if it didn’t work for LeBron James, it won’t work for Kevin Durant.

10. Let’s put a red and white striped shirt on Greg Oden and play “Where’s Greg?” Oh, drafting that skinny kid from Texas sounds like a good idea now in Portland.

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